The Lodge


In 2017 Carlos Girado´s family opened the doors to their home to share their spaces and family stories. La margarita is the estate where Carlos Girado grew up with his family, a place named after “Doña Margarita Casagemas de Girado”, one of his great-great-grandmothers. It is located very close to the Chascomus lagoon, on lands that are partly dedicated to agriculture and partly to the breeding of cattle and sheep.

Formerly, the main house was an “outpost” of the first settlement of the Girado family; it depicted the traditional farm evoked in the paintings of Molina Campos (an Argentine painter famous for his portrayals of the traditional countryside) : the hitching rail, the mill, the “mate” room, the old dovecote transformed into a “smithy”, various brick constructions with mud as a mortar, and a huge shed with a front of brick and wooden planks (time gave it its personality). Reminiscent of the old colonial layout, the facilities of the farm are found in different one-story buildings, which are protected by the shade given by large groves. - Guest house: The house has preserved its original structure, with several rooms interconnected by doors. There are galleries on both sides, where one can sit and gaze at the horizon. It was Margarita´s family home and it was made into a suite and two apartments with two rooms and a toilet.
- Country House: Another gallery dresses its colonial facade and has access to the living room, dining room and kitchen. The house also has another bedroom with a private toilet, a large fireplace; multiple cozy chairs for meetings, recreation and reading; an intimate dining room from where you can access the cellar and whose
main character is an old dispenser furniture. Lastly, a good country kitchen, with its huge bell, open to those who like to be between pots and spoons. During the stay, you can enjoy the typical country life: ride a horse, explore the nearby roads by bike, participate in rural activities, relax in the pool, spend the afternoon in the hammock and walk along the shore of the lagoon. The center of Chascomús, which is only 15 km from the lodge, also deserves a visit. Typical colonial houses and museums keep the secrets of the deeds of those first settlers’ families of Chascomús and of course of the Girado´s.

Location and Access

La Margarita is located at 140km away from Buenos Aires and 15 km from Chascomús.
It is reached by a pavement road and has 1km a dirt road after crossing the main gate.
GPS Coordinates: 35°36'30.1"S; 58°02'24.1"W


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